LING480 Study Guide - Final Guide: Protestantism

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Document Summary

This article discusses the connection between the variables of socioeconomic class and the social network, suggesting a model that can integrate them in a coherent way. This model is dependent on linking consensus-based microlevel of network with a conflict-based macrolevel of social class. There is a question of the relative weight given to the conflict and consensus perspectives and how they work together, not absolute opposition between the two. The researchers believe using a social class model based on conflict, division and inequality can best account these questions. It is proposed that the link between network and class can be made based on weak network ties. The author uses interpretations of various sociolinguistic findings to support this model. The author utilizes findings of research performed in northern ireland and in philadelphia, outlining the large scale social/political/economic structures, along with the interpersonal level and community of social organization.