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Nutrition and Dietetics
Mary Ann Eastep

NTDT 200 Nutrition Concepts Exam I Study Guide This document serves only as a guide to assist you in narrowing your study focus. Any material discussed in class is fair game on exams. This exam will also cover as far as we discuss on Monday of the PROTEIN chapter. Chapter 3 Appendix function Sphincter muscles, what they are, 4 discussed, function Function of HCL Flow of nutrients after absorption in small intestine; Hepatic Portal Vein, hepatic vein Stomach muscles -3 types- strongest in gi tract pH concepts- stomach, small intestine, after bicarb and pancreatic juices added endocrine & nervous systems – why important homeostasis concept hormones – where they come from & function, what they target condensation, hydrolysis Chapter 4 Monosaccharides – names and where we find them other names (ie monosach = dextrose) Glycogen storage – where and how much in each site, how long does it last at rest, PA Absorption site of CHO Normal Blood glucose levels, prediabetic & diabetic levels Hormones regulating Blood glucose levels, effects and where they come from, functions Glycemic index and generally which food fall in
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