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CHM 2046

QUIZ 1- CHM 2046- Spring 2011- Prof CR Martin In Order to Receive Full Credit You Must Show all Your Work All Work Must be Clear and Legible Name: UFID: 1. Discuss the random walk in a paragraph. (15 pts) At any given temperature above0 K, molecules are in random thermomotion with the average velocity. Molecules constantly collide with each other and the walls of the container. That’s how the random walk is created. 2. Why is the random walk important? (15 pts) Random walk is important because it not only describes the property that makes two or more molecules or atomic moieties to come together physically for a reaction but also is helpful in describing how these entities overcome the activation energy of the reaction by the collisions between these ‘randomly walking’ moieties. 3. Balance each reaction and write its equilibrium constant, K . (1c pts- 3 pts) (a) C 3H 8g)+ 5 O (g2 3 CO (2) + 4H 2O(g) K c [CO ] 2H O] 2 [C H ] 3O 8 2 5 (b) NH Cl4(aq) NH (3q) + HCl (aq) K c [NH ] 3HCl]/ [NH Cl] 4 (c) H S2 (g4+ 2H O (l)2 2H O3(aq)+ SO 42- (aq) K c= [H ] [SO ]4 [H S2 4] (d) SO (3) SO (2)+ 1/2 O (g2 K = [SO ] [O ] / [SO ] c 2 2 3 (e) H O2l) H 2(g) K c= [H 2O] (f) S 8s)+ 24F (g2 8 SF 6g) 8 24 K c [SF ]6/ [F ]2 4. Given the following reactions and associated equilibrium constants, select the correct expression for Kc i3 terms of Kc and1Kc (12 pt2) (1) CO
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