HUN 3403 Final: Adolescence Study Guide

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Food Science and Human Nutrition
HUN 3403
Langkamp- Henken

Adolescent Nutrition Study Guide 1. Know the factors considered in calculating EER. EER = total energy + kcal for growth Factors o Gender o PA coefficients 2. Know RDA values for protein and AMDR values for carbohydrates, added sugars, protein, and fat. Protein o RDA 913 yo = 0.95 gkgday 1418 yo = 0.85 ggkgday o AMDR 1030 of energy kcal Fat AMDR o 2535 of energy kcal Carb AMDR o 4565 of energy kcal 3. Discuss the role of hormones on growth and maturation of adolescent males and females. Onset of puberty Growth Development of SSC Male o Pituitary hormones FSH LH Stimulates testes to produce testosterone Allows development of spermatozoa o Sex hormones Testosterone Enlargement of penis, scrotum, testes Closure of growth plates Development of SSC Female o Pituitary hormones FSH LH Stimulates estrogen and progesterone secretion Follicular growth o Sex hormones Estrogen Secreted by ovaries Increased growth in uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina Breasts o Increased fat deposit o Growth of ductal system
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