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University of Georgia
Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
FHCE 3300
Kim Skobba

➢ Fair Housing • The right to choose a place to live, within one’s means • A fundamental human right • Essential for a healthy functioning democracy ➢ Fair Housing Act of 1968 • Represents a trade-off between the right to choose where to live and restrictions on people who own property • The right to choose takes precedence over the right to exclude • Makes it unlawful to take any of the following actions solely on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin: o To deny a dwelling o To declare that a welling is not available when, in fact, it is o To offer different terms, conditions or privileges of sale or rental • To state, in any announcement or advertisement, a group-based restriction or preference on the sale or rental of a dwelling o To market a dwelling on the basis of the entry or prospective entry of certain groups into its neighborhood • The Fair Housing Act also prohibits: o Discrimination in access to real estate brokerage services and mortgage lending o Harassment or intimidation of people because they meet their obligations or exercise their rights under the Act ➢ Protected Groups Under the Federal Fair Housing Act • Race • Religion • National origin • Color • Familial status (children under age 18 in family) • Disability • Sex ➢ Enforcement of Fair Housing • Federal government works through state and local agencies • Complaints are first made at state and local levels as long as state fair housing laws are equivalent to the federal law • However, HUD is also able to initiate investigations and bring about lawsuits ➢ Fair Housing Testing • A means to study housing discrimination • Testing involves individual testers posing as prospective home buyers or tenants, replicating the housing search process • Testers are paired and assigned profiles so that they are equally qualified to rent or purchase an apartment or home in question • They are similar in all respects except for one of the protect classes • Testers conduct a “mystery shop” of the housing provider • A comparison is made to see if there is any difference in the terms and conditions based on the protected class being tested • If differences are offered to either tester which violates Federal, State or Local Fair Housing laws, a housing discrimination complaint would be filed • Fair Housing tests can be performed in rental, sales, lending and insurance markets ➢ Impact of
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