HIST 3057 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dust Bowl, Land Development, Sharecropping

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31 Dec 2015

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Ccc put people to work by planting trees and providing shelter. Kansas dust bowl - no food, dry land, no jobs. Did not take care of land; soil erosion. Slaughtered cows b/c no market for meat. It was not in the interest of business. Similar to hitler and stalin private armies. Fastest job recruitment (unemployment for 6+ months) Black in ccc was a move forward. went home every money = economic improvement. + patriotism and culture awareness and land improvement. Since emancipation proclamation was a war measure (not constitutional) it is compared to new deal. Comic is sympathetic to fdr b/c similar to lincoln"s success. Not sympathetic to fdr firing free and independent judges (completely new court and modern ideas) 693 andy wright | plea from one of the scottsboro nine 1937. Arrested for charge of white woman rape (130 years) Case went straight to execution - not handled by court.

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