LEGL 2700 Study Guide - Final Guide: Whistleblower, Contributory Negligence, Disparate Impact

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^noticed an error for the slides s corp/llc; an s corp is the one that is limited to 100 human investors, not llc. Didn"t want it to confuse someone else like it did for me! http://quizlet. com/63165238/legal-final-material-test-1-flash-cards/ http://quizlet. com/63235069/legal-final-exam-2-material-n-grow-flash-cards/ http://quizlet. com/63271470/legal-final-review-test-3-material-n-grow-flash-cards http://quizlet. com/63278328/final-exam-new-material-n-grow-flash-cards/ I"m starting book notes for new material at bottom but if anyone has any they would like to add please do! Chapters 1 and 15: introduction: sources of law. Judicial decisions/case law (used for ambiguity: common law system- judicial system that gives judges a lot of power and emphasizes them- we live in a common law system. Judges can interpret the law, apply the law, and create laws through precedents (case law) Judicial review: the doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review by the judiciary. Civil law legal system- relies more on legislation than judicial decisions. They look at the law and apply it as is.

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