MARK 4210 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Vin Diesel, Ceb Inc., House Of Fraser

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Practice test #2 questions: (please help fill out anything you know! An average team with an excellent manager is better because an excellent manager can coach an average team. Excellent salespeople will get promoted or leave for greener pastures. Solutions selling is a long process entailing significant customer commitment across a wide range of different stakeholders, conference calls, and presentations. Rise of 3rd party consultants: describe the impact or the talent gap" between star and core performers for both. The core will fall further and further behind: solutions sales are more complex in nature, thus requiring increased challenger skills and thus creates a larger gap between core and star reps, which attributes define a challenger rep. Can identify economic drivers of customer business. Can pressure the customer: per tcs customer loyalty is attributable to your ability to outperform the competition in the sales experience itself.

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