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[MUSI 2040] - Midterm Exam Guide - Ultimate 18 pages long Study Guide!

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MUSI 2040
Naomi Graber
Study Guide

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MUSI 2040
Talking About Music
Building Blocks
oPitch – how high or low the sound is
Interval – space between two pitches; how far apart they are; can be two
pitches played at the same time and one after the other
Melody – tune
oConjunct melody – intervals are closes together (ex: Ode to Joy)
oDisjunct melody – intervals are farther apart; wider; leaps (ex: Amazing Grace)
Harmony – notes or intervals played simultaneously; accompanies a melody; usually mostly
consonant or dissonant
oConsonant – stable, narrow or wide, pleasant
oDissonant – unstable, harsh, uncomfortable, like it wants to move, spooky
oChords – three or more notes played at the same time, accompany a melody (can be
consonant or dissonant)
Meter – music has a beat/pulse
oHow is the underlying pulse organized?
Duple – groups of two (Ode to Joy)
Triple – groups of three (Amazing Grace)
oTempo: How fast is the pulse?
oCan be unmetered – no pulse
Rhythm – duration of notes in relationship to meter
oSyncopated – emphasized strong beats in rhythm don’t line up with meter
oStraight – strong beats in rhythm mostly line up with the pulse
Texture – how musical lines (voices) relate to each other
oCan be thick or thin
oMonophonic – only melody, no harmony
oHomophonic – melody and accompaniment
oPolyphonic – many sounds of equal importance (like two melodies)
Word-Music Relationships
oSyllabic – one note per syllable (ex: “Do a deer”)
oMelismatic – a lot of notes per syllable; elongated (ex: “Chester”)
oLabeled with letters – A, A’, B, B’, etc
o1 verse of music (complete musical thought) – A
oDifferent section – B
oA’  A prime – variation on a section of music (A, A’, A’’)
Timbre – tone color or quality of the sound
oMusic/instrument/piano sound/voice
Ex: sweet, harsh, rough, smooth, reedy, brassy, bright, dark, nasal, thin, rich,
buzzy, raspy, shrill, strained, mellow, light
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