PSYC 1101 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Psychodynamics, Norm (Social), Delayed Gratification

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Correlation- a statistical measurement that indicates the extent to which two factors are predictively related. Example- a person"s height and weight are correlated. A taller person would weigh more than a shorter person. Causation- the extent to which two factors are casually related. Causation is always going to also be correlation. Just because two things are correlated does not mean they cause each other. Does watching violent tv cause violent behavior: hours spent watching violent tv is positively correlated with the probability of behaving violently and the intensity, there are 3 explanations for this . Violent behavior causes a liking for violent tv. Some outside force is influencing both a person"s violent behavior and how much violent tv the person watches: controlled experiment . Two groups of people as alike as possible. One group is exposed to violent tv while the other is not. One way to do a controlled experiment is through random assignment.

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