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30 Oct 2014

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96: in a particular game, a fair die is tossed. If it costs you to play the game, the probability that you win more than the cost of playing is. The 2000 census allowed each person to choose from a long list of races. That is, in the eyes of the census bureau, you belong to whatever race you say you belong to. hispanic/latino is a separate category; hispanics may be of any race. If we choose a resident of the united states at random, the 2000 census gives these probabilities: 5. 113b you know that the person chosen is hispanic. Your response: d: an event a will occur with probability 0. 5. The probability that both a and b will occur is 0. 1. The conditional probability of a given b is. 0. 3: 0. 2, 0. 1667, not able to be determined from the information given. Your response: c: event a occurs with probability 0. 35 and event b occurs with probability 0. 55.