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Good hope: in 1513, vasco de balboa, crossed the isthmus of panama and discovered the. Pacific ocean: french were friends with the natives in quebec, incas created largest empire in the americas, aztecs referred to themselves as mexica, recent scholars suggest some early inhabitants of the americas sailed from asia. European crops: sugar, bananas, cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, the prevalence of the catholic church in south and central america, and mexico, was due to priests and missionaries from spain. Slave trade domination centuries: 16th century portugal, 17th century holland (dutch, 18th century england. History 1376 or 1377: africans are matrilineal - they trace heredity through the mothers instead of the fathers, the southwest native people were not primarily engaged in nomadic hunting, gathering, or fishing when europeans arrived. Americas/africa/europe: these old worlds laid a foundation for development of how colonization unfolded, shaped society of the age revolution: emergence of independence, as well as the.

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