HLT 1353 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Times New Roman, Serotonin, Major Depressive Disorder

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This discussion is meant to provoke thought and perhaps even your emotions. This is a friendly discussion and we are all here to support each other. If you are discourteous or rude, i will give you a zero. Write 1 original post about a time when you either experienced or witnessed prejudice/racism/sexism etc. If you have not experienced or witnessed the above, talk about a time when you heard someone else"s personal account of prejudice/racism/sexism (it can even be a character from a film or tv show). Talk about how it made you feel and what might have been done to de-escalate the situation. Discuss what you can do to make people who are targets feel more comfortable if they are verbally attacked and what mental changes need to take place to remove yourself from the lower- level thinking that surrounds stereotyping. Write two responses (to two different peers) and offer them supportive suggestions.

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