POLS 1336 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Texas Ethics Commission, Advocacy Group, Christian Fundamentalism

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General elections in november, in a presidential year, has the highest voter turnout in. Reasons why voter turnout will likely be higher in a competitive 2-party system: voter believe their voters count , parties work harder to turn out the vote, voters more likely participate in grassroots political organizations. Texas groups affected by poll tax: low-income white farmers, african americans, hispanics. Permanent registration: system that keep citizens on the voter registration list without requiring them to register each year. Political activist terms: in-actives: take no part in politics, parochial participants: active when issues have direct effect on them, communalists: active voters that avoid partisan campaigns, voting specialists: confine their efforts to voting. Voter id legislation: require voters to present government-issued picture identification when they go to vote. Texas solidly vote for republican candidates in presidential elections. Forms of political participation: sending letters to editors, attending organized protest, making a speech about local issue, contributing money to candidates, organizations, or causes.