POLS 1337 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Joint Committee, Fuel Tax, Cecile Richards

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Judicial power and authority -courts are less beholden to public opinion: judicial review -authority to decide whether actions taken by any gov"t or individual is constitutional, establish in marbury v. madison case. Remains one of the most important decisions: marbury v. madison -marbury was appointed to serve as justice of the peace for d. c and was never given appointment (certificate) before the new admin. The case went to supreme court (b/c of the. Judiciary act of 1789) where marbury wanted a writ of mandamus. Chief justice john marshall said supreme court was the wrong court for the writ of mandamus. Marshall said the judiciary act of 1789 conflicted with the constitutions article 3. Civil and criminal law -civil law: law dealing with private rights and legislation, obligations established by voluntary agreements constitutions lawsuits involve disputes between individuals, individual v. corporation, corporation v. individual v. gov"t. Criminal law: law that deals with conduct considered harmful to peace and safety of society.

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