PSYC 3350 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Depth Perception, Mirror Neuron, Interposition

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National geographic: test your brain: perception https://www. dailymotion. com/video/xq1rfl: useful perception doesn"t always correspond with what is really there this creates an illusion, mirror neurons: neurons that mirror the experiences we see. If we see someone smile, our brain lights up as if we are the ones who are smiling. If we see someone experience pain, we cringe in pain: about 30% of the brain is devoted to the sense of sight. Interposition: motion perception: shrinking objects are retreating, and enlarging objects are approaching, your brain constructs your perceptions. We think the object is much bigger because these cues trick our brain into thinking it is farther away. Errors in perception are a byproduct of a perceptual system that works by means of processing cues in consistent ways: you see a light approaching on the road at night. Explain your answer: c) an approaching car.