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Political Science
PS 280

Lecture 2  Behavioralists believe human behavior can be measured, counted, and quantified.  Who was in Congress’s Out of Afghanistan Caucus? 48 members (dependent variables)  Independent Variables to Measure/Count:  Percentage of vote won in their elections  Partisan affiliation  Committee membership  Competitive districts  Often vote this way?  Explaining Norway’s Foreign Policy  Norway conducted military strikes in Libya: Why?  PM Jens Stoltenberg – look at him  Norwegian military power (fairly capable air force)  Class – Norway is wealthy, Libya is poor. Rich help poor?  Behavioralism – import/expo ratio. Number of speeches regarding Libya in Norwegians parliament  Transforming event  Kenneth Waltz’s “Images and Levels of Analysis”  Father of “Neorealism”  Individual  State – Internal attributes: secular  Global/systemic  Absence of World Government – having no world government is extremely important  Distribution of Capabilities  *August 2008 – War in Georgia (crushed Georgian military and rolled out)  To know why war took place, look at individuals, state level, etc.  Vladmir Putin vs. Mikheil Saakashvili: individual  Nationalism or authoritarianism: state  East/West Conflict: systemic  NATO – Russia mad at U.S. not wanting NATO to expand there?
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