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Political Science
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PS 280

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Lecture 1US Ambassador to the UN Dr Susan RiceViews on Syria China Russia and the UN Security CouncilSenate does not like how she handled BenghaziVery tough and aggressiveFounding of the United Nations1945USUK Roosevelt Churchill and YaltaKey Tenets Peace and Human RightsEnd the scurge of warHQ in New York CityUN Security CouncilMembership P5 Russia France China US UKGreat Powers after WWII5 permanent 10 nonpermanent 2 year terms15 totalOf the 10 regional equity Asians African Eastern European etcPermanent 5 have veto powercan veto anythingSome countries come back and serve more frequently than othersImportant Vote Authority and Enforcement PowersAuthorizes military action If you
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