THEA 101 Lecture 2: Actor assignment

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Published on 10 Jul 2019
University of Illinois
THEA 101
Yelin 1
Jenny Yelin
Jessica Shryock
March 2, 2016
Actor Assignment
The actor I have chosen is Daniel Radcliff in his most well-known role of Harry Potter.
His character has evolved tremendously over the course of the series; however, his past is an
integral part of who he is that shapes his actions and motivations. The character Harry Potter, a
young wizard, experienced a lot of harsh circumstances as a young boyhis parents passed
away trying to save him from the Dark Lord, forcing him to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin
who were not particularly nice to him. Living with these relatives he suffered some neglect and
was forces to live in a closet under the staircase in their home. When he was informed of being a
wizard and extended an invitation to attend Hogwartz, an institution for wizards, he was
incredibly delighted to be able to leave and start a new chapter of his life. Through this change
he made life-long friends and developed/matured more as a character. In addition, Harry is
known as the chosen one which means he has a lot of responsibilities, a lot of expectations to
fulfill, and ultimately a lot of stress to not disappoint. Harry makes all these life-altering
decisions and is constantly in the face of danger. Being in these circumstances would be difficult
for anyone, especially a child/young adult who may not be as confident in himself.
When preparing for this role, I would focus on the element of isolation and a lack of
intimacy that is present in Harry’s youth. Harry didn’t have his parents or any close friends so I
would try to distance myself from the comfort of people in an attempt to recreate that feeling.
Moreover, I would think back to my own past experiences and examine how I felt in similar
situations so that I could apply that to my role. When trying to better understand the feeling of
immense pressure and danger, I would mostly look back on my past and come up with how I
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