COMM 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Data Visualization, Netflix, Kazaa

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How stories are told; helps to shape meaning or impose meaning onto events. Narrative tells us: good and bad, heroes and villains, beginnings, middle, and end, cause and effect, action and consequence, nature and meaning of events, how and why things are that way o. All that is visible/audible on screen and order in which narrative unfolds. A way to think about how the story is told. Provides info in careful order, to influence viewer reaction. Everything that we know; all the events that unfold (implied and shown) Carries events of story; moves narrative along: villain. Provides an object with some magic property: helper. Often the object of the villain"s scheme. Mostly hangs around looking decorative: her father. Sends the hero on his/her way or on the quest: the false hero. Revealed to be bad as part of plot. Tries to usurp hero"s role or traits. The darkest moment (~90 min into film) A conflict between two qualities or aspects.