Chapter 11: Cell-Cell Interactions [MIDTERM 1 MATERIAL]

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Mark Huyler

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BIOLOGY STUDY GUIDEChapter 11 CellCell Interactions Plasma Membrane Structure and Function Create an environment inside the cell that is different from the Conditions outsidePlasma membranePhospholipid bilayer2 Fatty acidsCytoplasmIntegral vs peripheral proteinsSelective Permeability The Structure and Function of an Extracellular Layer The cell doesnt stop at the membraneExtracellular MatrixGround Substance protects against compressionFiber CompositeFilaments and Rodsprotects against tensionTension vs Compression The Extracellular Matrix in Animals ECM gives Structural Support Stick together ProteinProtein attachments Link ECM directly to cells cytoplasmGround SubstanceGelatinous polysaccharideProtein fibersCollagenFlexibility The ECM and Cytoskeleton Are Directly LinkedKeeps individual cells in placeHelps adjacent cells adhere to each otherPrevents metastasis of cancerous cells Cytoskeleton and ECMActin Protein FilamentcytoskeletonIntegrin ProteinsmembraneFibronectinsPROTEIN in ECMCollagenIn ECMMetastasisHow Multicellular cells connect and communicateUnicellular vs multicellularityMulticellularityTissues Plant CelltoCell Attachment Middle Lamella is the glue that holds plant cells together
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