Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 3] -- I got a 90% in the course

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February 27, 2014 Awareness of Inequality ● “It’s never just the media” ● Media content reproduces the inequalities that exist in society ○ Content and context ○ Production - political economy ● White, middle-class, well educated (publicly) heterosexual men have dominated production and content of mass media ○ Their perspective generally dictates what we see ■ Not necessarily what we THINK ● Representations (Croteau and Hoynes teach us) are not reality ● Social Constructions: no representation of reality can ever be fully “true” because everything must be in frames; people are grouped into certain categories (race, gender, sexuality, geography, ability, intellect, age) and some categories are privileged (white, male, heterosexual, coastal, able-bodied, educated) over others (non-white, females, homosexual/trans, middle, disabled, undereducated) ○ People get grouped into certain category ○ Media is not a “magical” thing that appears ○ Social construction asks us to include producers of media ■ Who created? Who made this and for what purpose? ■ White, middle-class, heterosexual males ● Race ○ Race was “made up” to mark differences between people, especially based on skin color ○ Race in the media:
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