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April 1, 2014 News Concept and organization of news helped form early United States ➔ ➔ Country was born with the idea that news was something that belonged to the people and was important from the beginning Belief that news and journalism should challenge the government during colonial and ➔ Revolutionary War time ➔ Informed citizenry is a PART of US formation and development ◆ Printed word ◆ Population that values literacy and reading ➔ What is news? ◆ News: is constructed - things happen and news is made ● Lots of things happen that we don’t talk or read about ● News is something that we pay attention to from the banal to the monumental ● To be an informed citizen is to pay attention - we have to participate ◆ News: information about events beyond our immediate experience ● We are reading about, listening, watching from a distance ◆ Journalists are gatekeepers ● Decide what is and what is not important ● Decide what is or is not newsworthy News is a social construction: what is newsworthy is not inherently so and ◆ news is a product of intersecting social processes ◆ The way our news is constructed - intangible unlike the way it used to be ● Can’t touch the Internet today - satellites ● Could touch telegrams and newspapers and letters ● Newest and most important events are headliners The format of news is constructed ◆ ● Began with telegraph - reporters took MOST IMPORTANT bits of information and organized their articles by the most recent and most important info first ○ Still organize our news this way only because this is how it was constructed, not because it makes the most sense or is most efficient ◆ “Values” ● It is important to be an informed citizen, but American citizens love scandal and “dirt” Now, there is never a time we can’t turn on the news ◆ ➔ How is news? ◆ News nets: news organizations case a net to catch newsworthy happenings
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