PSYCH 100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gestalt Psychology, Basilar Membrane, Sensory Memory

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PSYCH 100 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 100 Full Course Notes
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What are some examples of this: how loud does the tv have to be in order to be able to detect that it is on is an example of. Definition: minimum difference between two stimuli that a person can detect at least 50% of the time: _______________________ predicts how and when we will detect presence of absolute and difference thresholds. This is based on the strength of the stimulus and our past experiences: factors that influence absolute and difference thresholds. ___ chance variation: our ability to detect between 100 and 101 pounds is different from our ability to detect the difference between 1 and 2 pounds. ___ stimulus intensity: first, getting into a hot tub and thinking it is very hot. __________________: the distance between the peaks of a light wave; corresponds with our sensation of color. __________________: the intensity of the wavelength; corresponds to our sensation of brightness.