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CHEM 115
Mridula Satyamurti

Chem 115 POGIL WorksheetWeek 1Units Measurement Uncertainty and Significant FiguresSolutionsKey QuestionsExercises1Give the names and their abbreviations for the SI units of length mass time andtemperaturelengthmetermasskilogramtimesecondtemperaturekelvin2The unit of volume is the liter LWhy is this not a base SI unitWhat kind of SI unitis itThere is no base unit for volume because volume can always be defined as the product oflengths giving units of length cubed eg length x height x widthThe liter istherefore a derived unit3A student is asked to calculate the mass of calcium oxide produced by heating a certainamount of calcium carbonateThe students answer of 9032 is numerically correct butthe instructor marks it wrongWhyA mass must always have unitsWas this 9032 g 9032 kg 9032 lbs or somethingelse4Write the number of seconds in a day 86400 s in exponential notation using acoefficient that is greater than 1 and less than 10This form is called scientific notationand is generally the preferred form of exponential notation as explained below41 day864 x 10 s5The diameter of a helium atom is about 30 pmWrite this length in meters usingstandard scientific notation121211 m so 30 pm30 x 10 m3 x 10 mNote that 1 pm106A cubic container is 200 cm on each edgeWhat is its volume in litersWhat is itsvolume in milliliters mL Are your answers reasonable 33Note that 1 cm1 mL and 10 mL1 L3333The volume of the cube is Vl200 cm800 cm800 mL800 x 10 LThe edge length of the cube is 200 cm which is less than an inch 1 in254 cm so thevolume of the cube is smallAn answer of 800 mL seems about right
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