EES 1030 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mid-Ocean Ridge, Continental Crust, Oceanic Crust

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Into to earth science : midterm #1 study guide. Increased wildfires, damaging crops, pastures, shortages of water in reservoirs and wells = water emergencies. Sonar sends sounds out and times how long it takes to return as well as the strength in which it returns. If it returns with weak strength, the ocean floor is sand. : know how sediment depth and ocean floor age changes with distance from the mid ocean ridges. Gps- tracks plate motion (using equipment both on the earth and in the atmosphere) Oceanic: dense (3. 2 g/cm3), thinner, has rocks like basalt and gabbro. You should know the diagram from today"s ppt. (see diagram) Tectonic plates are made from the crust and the solid upper mantle. Together, these are the lithosphere: know the different types of boundaries that we talked about today and their characteristics (topography, earthquake and volcanic activity, etc. ).