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RELS 2182 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Adapa, Atra-Hasis, Brahmapura

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELS 2182
Paul Dilley
Study Guide

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Midterm Study Guide
4th Dimension: A dimension that is mathematically and scientifically extant, yet hard/impossible
to see w/our current technology. It is supposed that those who enter NDEs, ASCs, and OBEs
enter the 4th dimension
Abode of Truth: Inside the Brahma-loka, where God Brahma meditates, Hinduism
Adapa: Blameless first human; he curses the wind for capsizing his boat and breaks the winds’
wings. Anu, god of the sky/heaven gets angry, but Ea tells Adapa to pretend he’s mourning
Dumuzi. Dumuzi is pleased he’s still being mourned and puts in a good word for Adapa. Ea tells
Adapa not to eat any food offered and he doesn’t even when a forgiving Anu offers him the
water of eternal life. Thus, Adapa misses out on immortality.
Agenticity: The ascribing of meaning to patterns-> “All part of God’s plan”, conspiracy theories
Akh: A combination of the “ba” and “ka” (what is immanent); a force operating independent of
the body
Altered State of Consciousness: Often associated with the 4th dimension, often used to access
spirit world. To get this: sensory deprivation, sensory overload, psychotropic, psychedelics, and
deep meditation.
Amithaba: “Buddha of Measureless Light”; bodhisattva who ensures salvation of others.
Created a Buddha-field that isn’t temporary or a means to an end. You can say “Namu Amida
Butsu” (i.e The Buddha saves)
Ammit: Egyptian crocodile god, devours the souls of unworthy during weighing of the heart
Ancestral Tablet: Tablet with ancestor’s name, @ death the soul splits into 2. The hun gets
installed in the tablet, the p’o goes into the ground with the body and to judgement. Hun spirits
need nourishment, hence necessary offerings from descendants
Animation: Idols of slaves, workers, and soldiers buried with the deceased that can be charged
by magic. “Shabti”. Toy Story Rule: When living people are there, immediate cessation of all
animated tasks
Anubis: Jackal God; jackals live in edges of cemeteries, only creatures that can exist between
life and death. Anubis guards the dead
Anunnaki: 7 judges of Underworld, sentence Inanna to death after she tried to dethrone
Apep: Snake god of Chaos in Egyptian Mythology; opposite of Ma’at, Re’s greatest enemy
(ironically created by Re)

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Atrahasis: Babylonian Epic of the Flood sent by Gods to destroy human life. Only the wise man
Atrahasis survived on an ark he built at the order of Ea.
Apsaras: Pleaure nymphs of hIndu mythology, satisfy all passions in Ilavrita
Atman: “Self soul”; eternal and within every living being, a piece of the Brahman that lives in all
of us.
Babi: Baboon god believed to be ancestral gods b/c of similarities to humans, eats the souls of
unworthy; god of virility of the dead
Baopuzi: Taoist text covering topics like immortality and transcendence, “[Book of] Master who
embraced simplicity”. Techniques to achieve immortality
Bardo: the 49 day stage in Tibetan Buddhism between death and reincarnation; you must
recognize that all the death, horrors and pleasures occurring are a karmic illusion created by
your mind. The Bardo is trying to distract you from liberation and trick you into choosing an
unpleasant reincarnation.
Bilocation: Your soul and body are both separated yet living at the same time (think astral
Bodhisattva: Someone who got to the gates of Nirvana but instead chose to stay and help
others achieve enlightenment. A common tenet in Mahayana Buddhism
Book of 2 ways: Coffin texts; spells written inside of coffin floor to help the deceased navigate
their afterlife
Book of the Dead: Spells and cheat sheets written on inside walls of the tomb or pyramid to
help the deceased access the afterlife (Pyramid text->gets you to the field of Reeds)
Brahman: Universal Principle, the realization that everything is nothing, the englightement
when you achieve moksha
Bright Realm: Abode of Gods who invite followers to wait and dwell there until reincarnation
Buddha: “Enlightened One”, was pampered prince Siddhartha Gautuma who pledged himself
to the ascetic life once he left life of luxury and saw disease, old age, and death. Under Bodhi
tree came to realization that the only way to stop suffering was to break free of samsara-
Buddhist cycle of rebirth-and transcend to know all is an illusion
Catalepsy: The false death, the loss of Hun, when your soul leaves your body in Daoism.
Apparent death.
Ch’i: ”Vital spirit” or “life force. The yang soul (Hun soul) also=Ming=shen the soul that enters
the ancestral tablet.
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