ADV 319 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Information Search Process, Feature Creep, Neuromarketing

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29 Oct 2018
Chapter 9 Study Guide
Chapter 9:
Cognitive (high involvement)
Deliberate, rational, sequential
Habitual (low involvement)
Behavioral, unconscious, automatic
Affective (experimental involvement )
Emotional, instantaneous
Relation to involvement? Look above
Relation to ABC models? How you process decisions
Decision-Making Process
Problem recognition
Consumers see difference between current and ideal state
Need recognition: Actual state moves down
Opportunity recognition: Ideal state moves upward
Stimulation of problem recognition: encouraging dissatisfaction
with the actual state
Information search
Process by which we survey the environment for appropriate
reasonable decision
Pre Purchase/ongoing search
Internal: searching for information from memory,
degree varies
Kind of information recalled
Brands, attributes, evaluations,
Online and cybermediaries
Evaluation of alternatives
Evoked Set vs.Consideration Set
Evoked: when you think about something
Consideration: what you’re actually considering to purchase
Product choice
Feature creep, expanding an ongoing feature of products
Making small changes but people still wanna buy it
Post Purchase evaluation
Compensatory vs. non-compensatory rules
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