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ADV 344K

Ch. 6 ADV Exam Notes Consumer Behaviour- is defined as all things related to how humans operate as consumers. Consuming= consumer behavior o Consumer behavior from two different perspectives 1) Psychological: what happens in the consumer’s head o It portrays consumers as systematic decision making makers who process information, including information from advertisers 2) Social Beings: who behave largely as a function of social circumstance and forces o Two different perspectives at looking at the exact same people and many of the exact same behaviors. o Consumers are psychological, social, cultural, and economic beings all at the same time. Ex. Why you buy KFC rather than Wendy’s is a function of psychological, economic, sociological, anthropological, historical, and other forces. 1) Perspective One: The Consumer as a Decision Maker Many consumption episodes can be conceived as a sequence of four basic stages: 1) Need recognition 2) Information searches and alternative evaluation 3) Purchase 4) Postpurchase use and evaluation NEED RECOGNITION A need state arises when one’s desired state of affairs differs from one’s actual state of affairs. - Need states are accompanied by a mental discomfort or anxiety that motivates action; the severity of this discomfort can be widely variable depending on the genesis of the need. o Advertisers point out and thereby activate needs that will motivate consumers to buy a product or service.  Convenience, reliability, nutrition, durability, and energy efficiency are descriptors that refer to functional benefits. Consumers may also choose products that provide emotional benefits; these are not typically found in some tangible feature or objective characteristic of a product. Emotional benefits are more subjective and may be perceived differently from one consumer to the next.  Products and services help consumers feel pride, avoid guilt, relieve fear, and experience pleasure. INFORMATION SEARCH AND ALTERNATIVE EVALUATION  The consumers first option for information is to draw on personal experience and prior knowledge. This internal search for information may be all that is required. When a consumer has considerable prior experience with the products in question, attitudes about the alternatives may be well established. Ex. Apple comp. are the best and that’s what I have decided to buy - Advertisers want the result of internal search to result in their brand being in the “evoked set” that is the set of brands (usually two to five) that come to mind when a category is mentioned.  The evoked set is usually highly related to the consideration set, the set of the brands the consumer will consider for purchase.  The consumer then proceeds with an external
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