PSY 2301 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Wilhelm Wundt, Behaviorism, Cognitive Psychology

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Published on 5 Oct 2019
1. The mind-brain (or mind-body) problem refers to the question:
How is the mind related to the brain and does one control the other?
2. Which of the following research questions is most directly related to the nature-nurture issue?
Are the behavioral differences between boys and girls due to differences in their
3. According to the adherents of determinism, why is it sometimes impossible to predict people's
behavior accurately?
Sometimes the causes are so complex that it is not possible to predict certain
4. The current definition of psychology given in the text is the systematic study of
behavior and experience.
5 Someone who supports the position of "determinism"(as opposed to "free will") believes that
every behavior has a cause.
6. Wundt collected data by
asking people to report on their subjective experiences.
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