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PSC 100 Quiz: Political Violence Quiz Study Guide

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Political Science
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PSC 100
Matthew Becker

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Political Violence Study Guide Political Violence: politically motivated violence outside of state control Goal: to achieve some political objective through use of force Three Categories to explain violence: 1. Institutional 2. Ideational 3. Individual Institutional Qualities of institution are essential to political violence Institutions are essential to violence because of politics, economics, and social gorups unitary , single member districts, economic inequality, excluded ethnic groups Ideational Focuses on rationale behind the violence Based on specific world views, a set of problems, justification for violence Individual Focuses on individual who carries out violence In case of suicide terrorism, it is the individual act rather than a group phenomenon How State Responds: Repression Positives: eliminates immediate threat Negatives: leads to long term resentment and flareups Reform State Use of Political Violence State can use political violence to remove internal enemies
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