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BIOL 3446 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Shoulder Girdle, Superior Sagittal Sinus, Somatic Nervous System

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BIOL 3446
Malgosia Wilk
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Brain and Cranial Nerves Word List
Dura matercomposed of dense connective tissue
Falx cerebriseparates the 2 hemispheres of the cerebrum
Falx cerebelliseparates the 2 hemispheres of the cerebellum
Tentorium cerebelliseparates the cerebrum from the cerebellum
Arachnoidhas arachnoid villi that form venous sinuses and drain CSF back into systemic
Pia materthin adhesive tissue that adheres to the brain and spinal cord
Ventricles (4)CSF filled spaces within the brain. There are 2 lateral ventricles (one in
each hemisphere and a 3rd and 4th ventricle)
Brain Anatomy
Frontal lobehigher brain functions (personality, decision making, mood,
Temporal lobeauditory center of the brain
Parietal lobesensation and perception, integrates systems of the brain
Occipital lobevisual center of the brain
Cerebellumreceives information from the spinal cord, sensory cortex, and other areas. It
regulates movement
Corpus callosumseparates the brain into the right and left hemispheres
Brain stem
Ponsbridge that connects different parts of the brain with one another. Relays
data in and out of the cerebrum
Medulla oblongataaids in communication between the brain and spinal cord.
Begins at the foramen magnum
Hypothalamusregulates metabolic functions in the body (fight/flight, food,
Thalamusrelays sensory impulses (except smell) to the cerebral cortex
Pituitary glandmetabolic regulator in the brain. It is attached to the
Pineal glandsecretes melatonin
Habernuclear glandregulates olfaction
Infundibulumsecretes growth hormone and regulates other hormones in
the body
Medial eminenceraised region of the infundibulum with capillaries for
Cerebral pedunclestransports nerve impulses from the cortex and brain
stem to the other parts of the brain
Tectumposterior part of the midbrain that contains 2 nuclei called the
corpora quadriglemina
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