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BIOL 151
Jaclyn Vick

Metabolic Pathways (2)  1- Catabolic pathway: start w/ complex to simpler molecules - “breaking down” - net release of energy • More energy is released than consumed overall - ex: cellular respiration  2- Anabolic pathway: start w/ simple molecules to more complex - net consumption of energy - ex: photosynthesis ENERGY  Energy: the capacity to cause change st  1 law of thermodynamics: - energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed.  2nd law of thermodynamics: - w/ each transfer or transformation of energy, the entropy (a measure of disorder) of the universe increases There is always some energy lost as heat  Kinetic energy: - Associated w/ the relative motion of objects - One type: thermal energy~ random movement of molecules - Another type: light energy  Potential energy: - energy a matter possess b/c of its location or structure - one type: chemical energy~ potential energy that can be released during reactions REACTIONS  Exergonic reactions: - Spontaneous (no energy input required) - Net energy release • More energy is released than is consumed during the process  Endergonic reactions: -Non-spontaneous (energy is required)  Equilibrium: -no free energy left to perform work -ba
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