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THL 1000 Midterm: THL Outline 4

Theology & Religious Studies
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THL 1000
Timothy Hanchin
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THL 1000 Study Guide
Dr. Hanchin
Harrington, Meeting St. Mark
Terms and Definitions:
Mark- Not clear, but the person who put together the stories in the Gospel form (likely Jewish
Christian author), other theories exist that he was from the Mediterranean region
Audience- Roman community that suffered persecution by Emperor Nero. Mostly Gentiles (non-
jews), but some Jewish Christians
Gospel-invented this literary technique which is connected narrative about Jesus of Nazareth that
describes his teachings in Galilee and Judea, as wells as his passion, death, and resurrection in
How does Harrington understand the Gospel of Mark organized along a theological
Harrington observes that the Gospel of Mark is broken up geographically into three parts:
Part 1: Galilee functions as the place where the authority of Jesus of Nazareth is revealed. Jesus
encounters misunderstanding and opposition from many groups. Galilee is place for the
revelation or manifestation of Jesus as a powerful teacher and healer.
Part 2: The journey from Galilee to Judea is the occasion for Jesus to teach about his identity and
discipleship. Continues healings and miracles, and instructs his disciples about his identity as the
Son of Man who must suffer, die, and rise from the dead, and what it means to follow him.
Part 3: Finally he arrives in Jerusalem, which is the place of his rejection and death. The
crucifixion story occurs here, and his resurrection three days later (completion of the prophecy).
The Gospel of Mark:
Terms and Definitions:
Parable of the Sower (4:1-20)- Woman who is Jesus’s friends pours expensive perfume all over
him to prepare him for his death. Disciples scorn her but Jesus appreciates this as a great act of
kindness and says her story will be told wherever his teaching are spread. This speaks to
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