Chemistry Study Guide for the first Midterm
Chemistry Study Guide for the first Midterm

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Wright State University-Main Campus
CHM 1010
David Turner

Chemistry Study Guide for the MidtermSI and metric units Writing in scientific notation The prefixes and the values that represent deci centi milli etc Conversion especially 1 inch254 cm Density calculations Converting temperatures Definition of element compound homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures States of matter Chemical vs physical properties and changes Specific heat calculations Metal nonmetal and metalloids properties of subatomic particles Isotopic number calculations Average atomic mass calculation Drawing orbitals and knowing how many electrons each can hold Electron configurations abbreviated orbital diagramsChemistry Notes Midterm 1SI and Metric unitsScientists and health professionals throughout the world use the Metric System of measurement The International System of Units SI or Systeme International is the official system of measurement throughout the world except for the United States Units of measurement MeasurementsMetricSILength Meter mMeter mVolumeLiters LCubic Meter m3MassGrams gKilograms kgTemperature Degree Celsius C Kelvin KTimeSeconds sSeconds sLength1m100 cm 1m394 in1m109 yd254 cm1in Volume 1L1000mL1L106qt 946mL1qt 1000L1m3 Mass 1kg1000g1kg220lb454g1lbTemperature
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