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Richard Clayman

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BUSI 1800 Week 7 Chapter 7 – Organizing the Business Enterprise Organizational structure - The specification of the jobs to be done within a business and how those jobs are related to one another - Each organization must develop a structure that meets its specific needs Gen Source Strengths & Weaknesses - Strengths o Early in the curve (proactive phase) o Determined and energetic o Well educated o Greta business resources and connections o Well defined target market o Well defined service offering portfolio o Channel strategy - Weaknesses o Liquidity challenge o No facilities o No employees o No messaging strategy o No govt backing of buy in o No overall operational strategy o No corporate or legal identity o No organizational structure Departmentalization - Process of grouping jobs into logical unites o Increases efficiency through division of labour o Allows for better control and ordination o Top management can more easily monitor performance o Profit centres are accountable - Types: o Customer o Product o Process o Geographic o Functional Chain of Command - Reporting relationships - Organizational charts illustrate the company’s organizational structure o Shows employees’ positions and how they relate to each other o Demonstrates the flow of decision making power - Can be done to departmentalize customers, focus orientation - Product departmentalization - Process departmentalization o Procurement o Contracts o Logistics o Etc - Geographic departmentalization o Categorizing according to their location - Functional departmen
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