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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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BUSI 2101
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Chapter 4 Decoding Human Behaviour and Personality Buzzsaws & Whistleblowers • We have tendency 2 assume people cause their own behaviour, we attribute causes of that behaviour 2 individual characteristics (like personality traits & motivation) • We often downplay importance of situational factors as causes of behaviour The Knowledge Base • Managers have 2 decode & understand employee so they know what action 2 take o BEHAVIOUR INFLUENCED BY: 1. The individual 2. The job 3. The work group 4. The organization 5. The culture • @ individual level, personal characteristics (like abilities, motivation, personality) may affect behaviour • Work group characteristics (like norms, size, leadership, structure) influence individual behaviour • Job employee performs affects how they behave • Reward systems, performance appraisal procedures, resources, & other organizational practices further impact how employees act • All of these impacted by national, regional & local culture 2 which they belong • Personality: individual’s relatively stable characteristics patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviour, and psychological mechanisms that support & drive those patterns • People aren’t passive recipients of environmental influences Trait Models • Trait: broad, relatively regular dimensions of individual behaviour • Trait Models (Theories): assume that personality is composed of a relatively stable set of traits or dimensions The Big Five Model • Personality is comprised of the “OCEAN” dimensions Chapter 4 Decoding Human Behaviour and Personality o Openness to Experience: the extent that people actively seek out new and varied experiences and the extent 2 which they are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and impulses and are able 2 be attentive 2 many of them simultaneously o Conscientiousness: people tend 2 be dependable & trustworthy & conform 2 social norms o Extroversion: how outgoing, sociable & assertive people are. Extroverts may be very active & energetic, have many interests and hobbies o Agreeableness: people are likable, cooperative & considerate o Neuroticism (Emotional Stability): tendency 2 experience chronic negative emotions (worry, insecurity, self-pity, poor self-image, mood swings) • Conscientiousness has strongest relation 2 overall job performance • People who score high on conscientiousness may have set higher goals, have higher performance expectations 4 other people, greater motivation, be more satisfied in their jobs, have higher occupational status than people who score low on this dimension • Neuroticism is negatively related 2 performance • Extroversion related 2 sales job, with high competitive and social components • Agreeableness related 2 performance in jobs where cooperation is necessary • Openness MIGHT BE good selection criteria for international work • EFFECT OF PERSONALITY ON THESE TYPES OF BEHAVIOUR IS MODERATE RATHER THAN STRONG • Questionnaire used is easy 2 administer & low cost • But may not apply 2 all cultures, some have different dimensions • Same dimensions can have different meanings in different cultures • Sometimes produces results not consistent across time or situations • Factors may exert only weak influences on behaviour, lessening the model’s predictive ability The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) • Used 4 organizational purposes (including team building, management & leadership development, career counseling, hiring decisions, & performance effectiveness training) o 4 IMPORTANT COMPONENTS 2 PERSONALITY: 1. Extroversion/Introversion (E/I): how individual interacts socially. Extroverts: outgoing & sociable. Introverts: shy & prefer 2 be alone Chapter 4 Decoding Human Behaviour and Personality 2. Sensing/Intuiting (S/N): measures how people prefer 2 collect in
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