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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Carleton University
CHEM 1004
Gerald Buchanan

Chapter 6 - Narcotic Analgesics: Opiates and Opioids: Can Ease Childbirth - Alkaloids - Basic nitrogen containing compounds that are found in plants and that produce physiological reactions of various kinds and intensity ex. Morphine and codeine (analgesics) - Narcotic - Is a substance that provides a stupefying, dulling effect that induces sleep. Usually also effective as an analgesic. Not all pain killers are narcotics; ex. codeine doesn’t induce sleep - Opiate - Any narcotic derived from opium: morphine, codeine, heroin - Opioid - Any synthetic narcotic that has opiate-like pharmacology, but is NOT derived directly from opium: ie, naloxone, methadone Opiates Morphine: ● Analgesic but, addictive ● Pros: One of the most powerful analgesics known, soothes and calms, and cough suppressant by depressing the couch center ● Cons: Confusion, euphoria, depresses respiratory system, chronic constipation, lethargy ● Binds to opiate receptor site in brain but doesn’t interfere with the transmission of pain ● Not maximally effective when taken orally, use pumps after surgery Codeine ● Analgesic but, not very addictive ● Does not cause tiredness and is in cough syrups Heroin ● Causes euphoria (happy), stupor (lack of cognitive function) and analgesic ● Synthesized from morphine and is very addictive Opioids (Not synthetically derived from opium) Methadone ● No stupor, blocks the heroin rush ● Used for addiction ther
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