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Chapter 4

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LAWS 2502
Nikola Milanovic

Law State and CitizenChapter 4Judicial Review and Procedural Control AJudicial Review and Procedural ControlJudicial ReviewJudicial review is an examination of an administrators decision to see if it was authorized by statutory or other governmental powerJudicial review remains the most common form of judicial control of administrative actionJudicial review is available only from the higher superior courtsJudicial review is a form of interpretation primarily statutory interpretationSubject to the Constitution Parliament can restrict judicial review or modify or even reverse its effectThere are two main forms of judicial reviewThe first is procedural review which is concerned with the process by which an administrators decision is madeThe second is substantive review which deals with the content of an administrators decisionProcedural ControlProcedural review is also one of two main forms of judicial control of administrative procedureProcedural judicial review can issue where a public authority has contravened exp
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