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Improving Academic Performance

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PSYC 1001
Elaine Waddington Lamont

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Improving Academic Performance ● Developing Sound Study Habits ○ You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t look forward to studying ○ Set up a schedule for studying ■ Need to be wide awake and alert ■ Allow time for study breaks ■ Don’t cram last minute ■ Break major assignments down into smaller tasks and work on them throughout the week ○ Find a place to study where you can concentrate ■ Find a place where distractions are minimal ■ Designate 1 or 2 places solely for studying ○ Reward Your Studying ■ Set realistic study goals for yourself then reward yourself when you meet them with a snack, TV show, etc (behavior modification) ● Improving Your Reading ○ Highlighting textbook can be effective if good at identifying the main ideas in the material and review these main highlighted ideas ○ SQ3R (Survey, question, read, recite, and review) ■ 1. Survey - Before plunging into reading, glance over topic headings at beginning of chapter ■ 2. Question - Go through chapter one section at a time, taking a look at headings and convert them into questions ■ 3. Read - Read only specific section you’ve decided to tackle and look for answers to your questions, re-read if you have to ■ 4. Recite - Once you have answers to your questions, recite them out loud in your own words. Write down these ideas for review later ■ Repeat steps 2 to 4 for next sections ■ 5. Review - Once read entire chapter, go back over key points ○ Don’t ignore chapter outlines, chapter summaries, learning objectives, or questions ● Getting more out of Lectures ○ Poor class attendance is associated with poor grades ○ Even if lecture hard to follow, you can get a sense of how the instructor thinks which can give hints on exam content and how to answer correctly ○ For coherent(logical) lectures, attentive note taking is associated with higher learning and performance ○ Average students record less than 40% of ideas ○ Taking good quality lecture notes ■ Active listening, focus your full attention on speaker, anticipate what’s coming ■ Reading ahead on scheduled subject in your text. Le
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