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PSYC 2700 Chapter Notes -Cognitive Psychology, Memory Span, Anterograde Amnesia

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PSYC 2700
Connie Kristiansen

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Ch 5, Cognitive psychology lecture 6 a – b 1
Multi store model:
Atkinson and Shiffrin
State that their 3 memory- information processing structure
Sensory memory - where the information is taken into
account, talked about it last midterm
Short term memory
It’s a temporary working memory
Long term memory
Permanent memory storage
Amnesia –
-can occur in Alzheimer’s patients , and can be seen in the case of HM
-alcohol can cause brain damage
-Alzheimer patients just like HM have Anterograde amnesia
-Ex; patient, name Jamie j, he had brain damaged due to alcohol, he talked
about high school as the past, but the time in the navy was in the present ,
he thought that he was in early 20’s, he expressed shocked when people
he saw his reflection in the mirror, he was in stuck in the 1945’s he had a
good short term memory

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Ch 5, Cognitive psychology lecture 6 a – b 2
Retrograde amnesia - when lose past memory
Anterograde amnesia - cant form new memory, thus cant recall future
II. How to Differentiate the Stores based on:
Selective attention ( might want to go back to last term stuff) : encode
information from the sensory memory ( store) – by selecting
We also retrieve information from the long term memory( store)
Peterson and Peterson ( 1959)
Phase 1:
Present CCC ( consonant, consonant, consonant – another form
of non sense syllables)
The CCC ( 3 letters) were present btwn 0- 15 sec
opeople could recall all the CCC- 100 % recall
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