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Hannah Holmes

Richard Damra Thursday, January 10, 2013 Econ 1B03 Gains from Trade  In a market economy, people engage in trade with each other  Not every family or nation can produce everything it needs effificently  We specialize in tasks we do best and trade with others for the things we need that they can provide. (division of labour)  In this way, we have gains from trade Efficiency  Efficiency: we make the best use of our resources (economic decisions)  Equity: Fair distribution of resources (political decisions)  Market failure: Occurs when the market fails to allocate resources efficiently. Government may intervene  Externality: Impact on someone random. (ex: Guy buying tree and their neighbor gets shade). Impact of one person or firm’s actions on the well-being of a bystander  Market power: ability of a single firm to unduly influence market prices eg. Monopoly.  Some goods just aren’t suited for the market. Eg donor organs The Economist’s Roles  When economists are trying to explain the world, they are scientists  When economists are trying to change the world, they are policy advisors. Positive vs Normative Statements  Positive statements: describe the world the way it i
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