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Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

THTR&FLM 1A03 – Tutorial # 7 2012/10/09 Costume Design in a Doll House My upcoming production of A Doll House will attempt to mirror the vision of Henrik Isben’s well-made play. Since Isben is known for being “an extremely disciplined methodical writer,” I have decided to bring his vision to life as described in his works (Worthen 411). When reviewing the scene in Act I, lines 534 to 616, I will focus on the production element of costume design to raise awareness of the theme regarding gender inequality and social status. By targeting this production element, I plan on influencing the audience to question their own lives in respect to social status and gender inequality which will in turn lead to questioning their expectations of the world as a whole. By using costume design as the focal point in the scene Act 1, lines 534 to 616, I will be able to differentiate between females and males, as well as middle-class and upper-class status. Within the context of the play, the costumes would be dated back to the late 1800’s in an established European society. Said scene contains Dr. Rank, Nor
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