GNED 1101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2.1 : Roman Numerals, Natural Number, Land Rover Defender

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2.1 Number Reprsentation and Calculation
The Hindu-Arabic & Early Positional Systems
A ue is a astat idea that addesses the uestio how a
A numeral is a symbol used to represent a number
Different symbols can be used to represent the number
l l l l iv. 4.
Tally Roman Numeral Hindu Arabic Numeral
A system of numeration consists of a set of basic numerals and rules to represent
Exponential Notation
If n is a natural number,
Bn = b b ………….
o Where b is the base and appears as a factor n times
o Bn is ead as the th powe of  o  to the th powe
o Bn is called an exponential expression
The Hindu Arabic System
The system uses these ten symbols; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9
o Each symbol is called a digit
o These numerals can be written in expanded form using place values (hundreds,
thousandths, tens, ones etc)
Example: Write each number in expanded form
o 663 = (6 x 100) + (6 x 10) + (0 x 1)
= (6 x 102) + (6 x 101) + ( 0 x 100)) *b0 can also be written as 1 in every case
o The positional values in this place system are based on the powers of ten
The Babylonian Numeration System
This sste uses a ase of the powes of 6 (…, 63, 602, 601, 1)
The system only uses two symbols with spaces to indicate place value
V <
One Ten
o V < vv
= (1 x 602) + (10 x 601) + (1+1) x 1
= (1 x 3600) + (10 x 60) + (2 x 1)
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