MGMT 2130 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Workplace Deviance, Moral Development, Workplace Violence

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Set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group
The state of the economy
The increased use of technology at work
Two key influences reflected in today's business environment
Follows accepted principles of right and wrong
Ethical behavior
Unethical behavior that violates organizational norms about right and wrong
Unethical behavior that hurts the quality and quantity of work produced
Production deviance
Unethical behavior aimed at company property or products
Sabotage of company property
Property deviance
Employee theft of company merchandise
Leaving the store with merchandise, stashing unloaded merchandise in dumpsters and then
returning after to retrieve it, acting as sweethearts for friends and families by discounting
purchases; not charging for items at the checkout counter, allowing refunds with no receipts;,
passing on credit card numbers to process gift cards
Employee shrinkage
Involves using one's influence to harm others in the company.
Political deviance
Hostile or aggressive behavior toward others
Workplace violence!
Personal aggression
General guideline for acceptable standards of conduct when doing business at home and in
other countries
International Code of Ethics - 1997
Companies can be prosecuted and punished even if management doesn't know about the
unethical behavior
US Sentencing Commission Guidelines for Organizations in 1991
Degree of concern people have about an ethical issue
Total harm or benefit derived from an ethical decision
Magnitude of consequences
Agreement on whether behavior is bad or good
Social consensus
Probability of effect
Six factors
The ethical intensity of the decision
Chapter 4: Ethics and Social Responsibility
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