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Chapter 7

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SLGY 1101
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Chapter 7 Race -A set of people commonly defined as belonging to the same group by virtue of common visible features, such as skin colour or facial characteristics. Ethnic group -Aset of people commonly defined as belonging to the same group by virtue of a common birthplace, ancestry, or culture. Diasporic group: Any ethnic group that has established multiple centres of immigrant life throughout the world. Assimilation - The process by which an outsider or immigrant group becomes indistinguishably integrated into the dominant host society; similar to acculturation Ethnic enclave: Aneighbourhood that is mainly or exclusively populated by people who belong to the same ethnic group Racial/ethnic socialization: The process by which we learn to perceive and evaluate people according to presumed racial or ethnic differences. Functionalist – racial inequality: prejudice, discrimination, benefits ethnic groups for it brings up a sense of belonging and connectedness Critical – they believe that the dominant group, ethnic group, will dominate economically Symbolic Interactionist – racial socialization often contribute to racial conflicts Canada is multicultural • ACanadian political and social policy aimed at promoting ethnic tolerance and ethnic community survival • Structural theory helps us understand the economic experiences of racial and ethnic minorities. Soring of people into jobs begin at school Social distance study’s an individual
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