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PSYC 100 Chapter Notes -Frontal Lobe, Perseveration, Executive Functions

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

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Infants sense of self
Their ability to reason about themselves as separate from
those around them is limited
After 4 months infants will begin to react differently to images
of themselves
Rouge Test
Used for testing the presence of a sense of self in people and
First tested by placing a mirror within a pair of chimps
o Treated their reflection as if it were another chimp
o Then began recognizing themselves and used their
gained perspective to groom themselves in places they
could not see
o Altered by placing a red dot on the chimps head and
observed its reaction
Began checking the spot on the mirror, not on
o Ability to understand mirror images was not widespread
o Humans can pass the rouge test between 15-24
When younger children are given the test they try
to touch the mirror or show little interest
Language and contribution to sense of self
Development of self continues as language skills increase
o Children at age 2 can refer to themselves verbally
o 3-4 can describe their characteristics verbally
Positive in nature
Difficulty distinguishing between what they can do
and what they want to do
Do not alter their opinions on their abilities based
on past experiences
o 8 years can use knowledge about themselves to
evaluate and modify behaviour
Self concept
Have autobiographical memory
Memories about specific events in their past
Factor those memories into self description
Can make Social comparisons
Compare their own abilities to those of
Use more broad termini logy (I’m, not I)
More concerned with how others perceive them
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