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Business Administration - Accounting & Financial Planning
Business Administration - Accounting & Financial Planning EAC349

Chapter 3 Planning, Composing and Revising Experts compose slowly than novices but evaluate their own work better Planning: all the thinking you do; narrows the scope of the project Gathering: physically getting the data you need – formal or informal Writing: act of putting words down somewhere. While doing this, you will refine outline and designs with purpose and audience needs in mind Evaluating: rereading your work and comparing with w/your goals and req. of situation and audience  Can evaluate your process too – sources reliable? Detailed revisions? Enough info to write? Getting feedback: asking someone else to evaluate your work – can include feedback on any activity in the process Revising: making any changes required or as per feedback – can mean change in purpose or some meaning  First look for content and clarity – complete info? Accurate? Clear?  Then check the organization and layout – flows? Easy to find needed info? Visually appealing?  Check style and tone – easy to read? Bias-free? Editing: focuses on local aspects of writing such as grammar Proofreading: checking the final copy for accuracy and errors The above activities can be in any order and can be done simultaneously and sometimes all of them aren’t used for every doc. If ideas are hard to come up with:  Brainstorming  Freewriting: write something for few minutes and then identify the best point in the draft and do it again  Cluster
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