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Chapter 4

BUS 343 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Cerea

Business Administration
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BUS 343
Karen Robson

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Tuesday, January 19, y
Consumer Behaviour
Bus 343
Consumer buying behaviour is the buying behaviour of individuals and households who
buy goods and services for personal use
-These people make up the consumer market
Low risk, low involvement: a box of cereal - use habitual decision making
High risk, higher involvement: a new car - use extended problem solving
Buyer Decision Process
There are five stages in the buyer decision process:
1. Need recognition
-can be triggered by internal or external stimuli
-Internal stimuli: hunger, thirst
-External stimuli: a discussion with a friend, an advertisement
2. Information search
-personal sources: family, friends
-commercial sources: advertising
-public sources: internet
-experimental sources: handling, examining
3. Evaluation of alternatives: how the consumer processes information to arrive at a
choice of decision - list the pros and cons (evaluate alternatives)
4. Purchase decision: formation of purchase intentions occurs first; then the actual
purchase decision is made - you buy that car
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