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Assignment Five Q: Summarize in two or three paragraphs your views on the value of keeping a log book. Did you find the log book to be a useful learning tool for this course-why or why not? Mention what you have learned by keeping a log book, and indicate how you might do things differently with your next one. Is a supervisory log book something that you think might be useful to you in your job as a supervisor? Why or why not? Yes, I found the log book to be a useful learning tool for this course. Throughout the course I was able to take what I have read and apply to individual cases for all the necessary assignments, which I find is very useful in learning about the course concepts and seeing how it relates to real life. Yet, the log book takes it one step further and allows me to apply the concepts to my own life and work scenarios I may have been faced with, scenarios that I will be faced with and how my supervisor may deal with similar scenarios. The use of the log book also makes you think about skills or behaviours you may use at a job, how you could improve on them or better utilize them as well as other skills you may use if you were to have a different role in the workplace. I have learned many things about myself through keeping a log book throughout the course. For example, by writing down how I react/work in different settings/scenarios I am able to see what works best in each setting as well as ways I could better approach these scenarios from a more supervisory role. The log book further enforces this as I am given scenarios and must take the role of one or both of the people involved and allows me to learn how different scenarios are seen from two potentially opposing parties. For my next log book I think I will try and make it more personal. I sometimes found myself answering the scenario/test questions in a way that a course instructor would want to see or with answers that tried to heavily integrate course content, when it wasn’t necessarily required. While this sometimes worked as questions were set up to integrate the material, sometimes answers weren’t always 100% correct as I tried to give answers that answered the question completely although it may not have been entirely what happened. Yes, I think it I something that a supervisor could find extremely helpful. It would allow them to track/remember scenarios in the workplace, who was involved and how they managed to overcome the challenge or deal with the issue. Also, by keeping track of how it was dealt with and who was involved, it may provide the supervisor an opportunity to reflect and see if they could have handled it better or an opportunity to reflect with all those involved to see how they can avoid a similar issue in the future. Furthermore, it may also allow for the supervisor to follow up with the individuals involved to see if they thought the situation was dealt with fairly and how they can work together to improve the way similar problems will be solved. Q: Summarize in two to three paragraphs how the discussions have helped or hindered your learning. Did the discussions make you more aware of your views and other people’s views about the course topics? Were you able to contribute to the learning of fellow students? Support your analysis with evidence such as sections of your postings or postings from others. Did keeping a log book and participating in online discussions help your learning in different ways? What was the most significant learning activity for you in this course and explain why? I feel that the discussions have definitely helped my learning throughout the course by allowing me to see how other people assess their job’s based on the same course content. Yes, it did make me more aware of other peoples views about the course content. After realising that so many people in the course are
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